At Naturally Innovative Brands, our promise is in our name.

We’re committed to being the most naturally innovative family of food, beverage, and dietary supplement brands on the market.


We strive to build a healthier society by being naturally innovative and offering trustworthy foods of superior quality, taste, and value. Key to the success of our mission are 3 pillars that uphold our business.


Fully-sound mind and body begin with what’s on your plate. Our ingredients are wholesome, and we offer only the safest, highest-quality ingredients and products to you and your family.


We’re dedicated to full transparency with our customers and partners. That means being accountable for everything from sustainability to Fair Trade to production quality control.


Experience and technology should be used to enhance the natural options we offer, not replace them. Our commitment to bringing new products to the market that meet our high standards is unwavering.

Healthy Values

Your needs inspire our innovative brand ideas for your well-being.

Since you are constantly looking for better ways to meet your health and wellness needs, we’re doing the same but through effective and innovative solutions. Whether its healthier ingredients for baking or finding a more compelling dietary supplement, your voice is what drives our yearning to finding cutting-edge formulas. We believe innovation should start with what you want, not what we think you want.

Our brands promote only natural ingredients to bring those new ideas to life.

Our leadership team has spent decades developing and sourcing the highest-quality ingredients to create a trusted network of global partners who are as committed to your health as we are. We require our partners meet the same level of commitment, integrity, and ethics as we place upon ourselves. Rest assured knowing we are always being socially and environmentally responsible in our ambitions.

Devoted brands create a blueprint for producing exceptional products from exceptional ingredients for you and your family.

Our brands are distinguished as goal-oriented and targeted to providing solutions. We seek to be the first to market with products that offer the unmatched nutrition, taste, and pricing you expect and deserve. You can feel proud seeing our brands in your home knowing they began with the seeds you planted.

We understand those values you hold core matter, and must align when you choose your brands. We have made it our mission to drive those values across all segments of our business.

Truly building a healthier society takes mission-driven leaders. Brands like ours go beyond the conventional methods of establishing and bringing exceptional products to market. It requires transparent conversation about what you want and how we bring it to you.

It requires being naturally innovative.