Private Labeling

Partnering with Naturally Innovative Brands

At Naturally Innovative Brands, we are excited to offer our clients the opportunity to brand our proven sourcing and production methods under your name. With your company or business name on our packaging, you can highlight your knowledge of the industry and significantly strengthen brand loyalty with consumers.

Whether you are a start-up brand or established market leader with full portfolio of products, our private labeling services can help you strategically reach your goals, while saving you time and money.


Private labeling allows you to sell high-quality products under your company name without the costs and challenges of manufacturing and packaging those products yourself. Private labeling is an ideal solution for brands looking to expand their portfolio and fill gaps in their product lines with high quality product that will build trust with their customers.

Not sure if private labeling is right for you? Below are 5 ways a strategic private label partner like Naturally Innovative Brands can help accelerate your business.

1. Offer a Greater Variety of Products with Less Overhead

Customer demand for product variety has never been higher, especially in the food industry. With private labeling, you can deliver a wider variety of products to your customer base at a significantly lower cost than manufacturing the same products in your own facilities.

2. Quickly Diversify Your Product Portfolio

Manufacturing a new line of products takes time—from ideation to production to packaging. However, speed to market is critical to remain competitive. Private labeling can help you get new products to market quickly and at scale.

3. Get Ahead of Your Competition

Gaps in your product portfolio can cause customers to look to your competitors for a more complete, one-stop shopping experience. Stay ahead of your competitors and ensure customer loyalty by leveraging private labeling to offer a more complete line of products.

4. Strengthen Your Brand

A comprehensive portfolio of quality products demonstrates industry expertise and builds trust with your customers. Private labeling is a cost-effective way to achieve a robust portfolio that meets and exceeds your customers’ expectations.

5. Manage Your Risks

Private labeling is less risky than manufacturing because private labeling allows you to test and measure demand for new products without major upfront investments.

At Naturally Innovative Brands, we are committed to your success as your private label partner. We offer our customers the opportunity to provide their clients with proven product formulas and premium customer service. With our private label services, you can build brand equity and increase customer loyalty with relatively minimal investment compared to manufacturing, packaging, and supporting the products on your own.

Our full back-office support is ready to help meet and exceed expectations—from conception to packaging design, and from production to order fulfillment. Once you become a private label partner, our job is to help you achieve success—and we take that job seriously!

We Deliver Full, Turnkey Solutions.

Our private labeling services not only offer you an opportunity to effectively and efficiently brand your business, but also provides you with a host of turnkey services.

We do much more than ship out our products. When you decide to become a private label partner, we’ll help design your logo and develop a comprehensive packaging formula that is sure to attract your client base. In addition, we offer order fulfillment services, ensure proper tracking, and keep detailed records on every transaction.

We provide a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, and we are always available to answer you or your clients’ questions. Our turnkey services provide you with everything you need to extend quality products and premium customer service to your clients.

Contact us today to learn more about our private labeling services and discover the difference our product can make in your business.