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You don’t have to sacrifice on taste just because you have dietary restrictions, or want to live healthier. At Nativo Wellness, we know the best way to live a healthy lifestyle is to feel like you’re not giving up anything. Nativo Wellness offers a full line of alternative baking ingredients, condiments, edible decor, seasonings and sweeteners so you don’t need to give up the foods you love, you just need to try our products.

Need to cut down on sugar? Life can be just as sweet with our sugar alternatives. Need to reduce your sodium intake? Your food can still have all that salty flavor you love with our sodium alternatives. On a Gluten-Free, Vegan or Paleo diet? We have amazing ingredients you’re just going to love.


Fixadose® is designed as a simple recovery fix for over-drinking and over-eating. Whether you take it after a party, a heavy meal, or a wedding, our proprietary bitartrate blend with select essential vitamins and minerals will make you feel like yourself again.